Make your premises a place where getting around with a personal mobility vehicle is easy, comfortable, safe and sustainable.

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We work with innovative centres that offer truly sustainable mobility solutions.

Many companies are committed to promoting sustainable transport among their customers or employees. Click on the video to see one of our projects.

Estación de carga solar para patinetes y bicicletas eléctricas

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Do you want to attract more people to your centre? Your users already use it

There are currently more than TEN MILLION users of personal mobility vehicles in Spain. Most of them are people under 40 years of age, who prioritise speed and ease of accessibility to centres.

Do you have personal mobility vehicles parked in areas not designated for them?

Currently, scooter and bicycle users lack dedicated parking and loading spaces. This causes many of them to anchor their vehicles anywhere, worsening the image of the centre.

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How can I provide safety in the areas designated for scooters?

Many users do not travel to the centres with their scooters or bicycles because they are not sure whether they can park them anywhere.

How can I guarantee the availability of parking at my centre?

Having a parking point designated for scooters or bicycles does not guarantee that this point will be available when a user arrives.

Nueva movilidad solum

Discover our Helios range

State-of-the-art solar stations for personal mobility vehicles. Available for both scooters and bicycles.

Estación de carga Arena de SOLUM PV

Installation and commissioning in one day!

Easy to install and without the need for civil works thanks to our Arena solar floor. Thanks to Arena, the station generates its own energy guaranteeing the sustainable origin of the energy making the system completely autonomous and self-sufficient.

Safety first!

The station ensures the security of vehicles thanks to a smart anti-theft padlock, which locks the vehicle using a 20 mm diameter stainless steel rod. The padlocks are controlled via the user App.

solum patinete electrico

Also available for indoor use!

If you don't have space outdoors, don't worry, the Helios-G range is ready for connection to any conventional socket. In addition, it has all the features of the Helios range of stations.

On your mobile

With the Solum App users can interact with the charging stations.

Available for both iOS and Android, it allows you to:

Locate stations: find the nearest station.

Check real-time status: Check station availability before you arrive.

Book: Make sure the station is available when you arrive.

Park and charge: Secure your vehicle and recharge.

Pay via the App: Pay with your credit card.

Contact support chat: Use a real-time chat to receive support from the station operator.

Shopping Centres: Find out how you can increase traffic to your Shopping Centre by up to 10%.

Discover how the largest shopping centre in Seville has opted for Sustainable Mobility.


Our users have already tried it and it is proving a success.

Our commitment to collaboration with startups is materialised in projects as interesting as the one we have developed with Solum. The station combines photovoltaic floor technology with a smart mobility solution. We hope that this project will serve as a basis for installing it in other work centres and continue to promote responsible mobility among our colleagues.

Manuel Nuñez Naturgy

An innovative and sustainable mobility solution that is very much in line with Nhood's aim to have a positive impact on its assets. I can say that all our expectations were met, the installation was done in one day and without any building work; a real turnkey project.

Daniel Lorenzo
Daniel Lorenzo Marketing, Innovation & CSR Director Spa en Nhood

Thanks to our challenge programme, Solum was selected from more than 80 proposals from different countries. Iberdrola and Solum have established a partnership to define and develop a proof of concept, allowing Solum the possibility to scale its solution through commercial agreements.

Juan Moro
Juan Moro Alaejos Investment & Ventures Analyst en Iberdrola

Frequently Asked Questions

Solum is dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of parking and recharging points for personal mobility vehicles. We market these points for different types of establishments such as Shopping Centres, Offices, Universities, City Councils, etc.

The installation does not require any specific maintenance, apart from occasional cleaning.

The stations have an API for the integration of the stations into third party systems.

Solum's stations incorporate two predominant types of connectors on the market and is compatible with 95% of scooters and 35% of electric bicycles.

The system is dimensioned to be able to supply as many full loads as the number of points available. However, in the event of adverse conditions over several days, the system can limit the loads in order to remain available at all times.

For installation in private areas, no permits are required. However, for installation in public areas, a series of licences and procedures are required.

Thanks to our intensive R&D efforts, we have succeeded in developing a solar floor with a higher impact resistance than concrete.

About us

Behind solum

Solum is made up of a young team, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a collaborative working attitude. Our company is focused on the design of solutions based on our own technology, our solar tile, developed from conventional photovoltaic panels.We focus our activity on the micro-mobility sector, taking advantage of the boom in personal mobility vehicles, both private and shared-use.


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