Make your premises a place where getting around with a personal mobility vehicle is easy, comfortable, safe and SUSTAINABLE​

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We work with innovative centers that really offer sustainable mobility solutions.

Many companies focus on the promotion of sustainable transports among their clients or workers. On the following video, you can see one of our projects.

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Do you want to bring more people into your center? Your users already use it

Currently, over TEN MILLION Spaniards use personal mobility vehicles. Most of them are under the age of 40, and they prioritize the speed and ease of accessibility to the centers.

Do you have personal mobility vehicles parked in areas not authorized?

At the moment, people who use scooters or bicycles do not have reserved areas for parking. This is why many of them anchor their vehicles anywhere and that worsen the image of the center.

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How can I provide security in zones enabled for scooters?

Many users choose not to go by scooters or bikes because they don’t have a safe place to park them.

How to guarantee the availability of parking in my center?

Having a parking point for scooters or bikes does not guarantee its availability every time a user comes in.

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Discover the Helios range

Cutting-edge stations for personal mobility vehicles. Available for scooters and bicycles. 

The only completely SUSTAINABLE station!

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Installation & launch in one day!

Easy to install and without civil construction thanks to our Arena photovoltaic flooring. With this solution, the station generates its own energy and guarantees the sustainable source of the energy, making the system completely autonomous and self-sustaining.

Safety first!

The station guarantees the safety of the vehicles thanks to an anti-theft and smart padlock that encloses it with a stainless steel rod of 20 mm diameter. The padlocks are controlled by the user application.


Also indoor!

Don’t worry if you don’t have space outdoors, the Helios-G range is ready to be connected to any conventional outlet. And it also has the features of Helios range.

In your phone

With the Solum app, users can interact with the charging stations

Available for iOS and Android and it allows you to:

Locate stations: Find your nearest station.

Check its availability: Make your you can use it before your arrival.

Book: Make sure the station is available upon arrival.

Parking and charging: Secure your vehicle and charge it.

Payment via the app: Pay by credit card.

Contact with our support chat: We have a live chat with operators ready to help you.

Shopping centers: Discover how to increase traffic to your shopping center by up to 10%

Workplaces: Discover how to increase the value of your office by more than 15%


Our users have already tried it and it has been successful.

We have placed our trust in collaborating with startups, and this has become a reality in projects as interesting as the one we have developed with Solum. The station combines photovoltaic flooring with an intelligent mobility solution. We hope that this project is only the beginning and that other workplaces will continue to set it up and promote responsible mobility.

Manuel Nuñez Naturgy

    An innovative solution that promotes sustainable mobility and that is in line with Nhood’s objective of positively impacting its assets. I am pleased to say that all our expectations have been met, the installation was made in a one day and without civil construction: a real turnkey project.

    Daniel Lorenzo
    Daniel Lorenzo Marketing, Innovation & CSR Director Spa en Nhood

      We used on our challenge program to choose Solum from more than 80 proposals from different countries. Iberdrola and Solum collaborated to define and develop a proof of concept and thanks to this, Solum has been able to extend its solution through trade agreements.

      Juan Moro
      Juan Moro Alaejos Investment & Ventures Analyst en Iberdrola


        Solum focuses on design, manufacture and marketing of parking and charging points for personal mobility vehicles. We market these stations for different types of establishments such as shopping centers, offices, universities, town halls, etc.

        The installation requires no special maintenance, only occasional cleaning.

        They all have an API for integrating other stations into third-party systems.

        Our stations incorporate two kinds of connectors that are the main ones on the market and are compatible with 95% of scooters and 35% of electric bikes.

        The system is sized to be able to provide as many full loads as available points. However, if adverse conditions persist for several days, the system can limit loads in order to ensure availability.

        For installation in private areas, no permits are required. However, for installation in public areas, a series of licences and procedures are required.

        Thanks to our huge R&D effort, we were able to develop a solar pavement with a higher impact resistance than concrete.

        About us

        Behind Solum

        Solum’s team is young, entrepreneurial and collaborative. Our company focuses on designing solutions based on its own technology, our solar tile, which has been developed out of conventional photovoltaic panels.

        Our business focuses on the micromobility sector, taking advantage of the increase of private and shared use of personal mobility vehicles.

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