About us

About us

We are a startup founded in 2019. The idea came from three friends, engineers, after a study of the spaces available in cities for the enjoyment of citizens. Our success lies in the development of a unique technology with which we are going to revolutionise urban mobility.

This is a solar tile, developed from conventional photovoltaic panels, to which we apply a series of processes that turn them into paving. A solution that has been backed by important administrations and organisations.

It allows solar energy to be obtained without aesthetically affecting the urban environment, contributing to more sustainable cities and an orderly and capable micro-mobility of recharging with 100% clean energy.



Solum is a team form with young people with an entrepreneurial spirit and a collaborative work attitude. Our company is focused on the design of solutions based on our technology, our solar tile, developed from conventional photovoltaic panels. We focus our activity on the micro-mobility sector, taking advantage of the boom in personal mobility vehicles, both private and shared use.

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