Frequently Asked Questions

Does Solum Mobility Park need a grid connection?2020-02-15T22:04:21+01:00

No, it is a completely off-grid system.

How are the private e-scooters locked?2020-02-15T22:18:20+01:00

Solum Mobility Park allows to use a regular padlock to keep the e-Scooter safe.

¿Necesita el Parque de Movilidad de Solum una conexión a la red?2020-02-15T22:22:24+01:00

No, es un sistema completamente fuera de la red.

Do you need to replace the current pavement to install our solution?2020-02-15T22:27:27+01:00

No, the solar pavement is installed over the current pavement to simplify the installation process.

Is the solar pavement walkable?2020-02-15T22:29:13+01:00

Yes, it meets all the legal requirements of a regular pavement.

Could be installed on a road?2020-02-15T22:30:24+01:00

No, it is a pavement for pedestrian areas.

Could the solar pavement be applied to other solutions?2020-02-15T22:31:22+01:00

Yes, write us an email with your proposal and our R&D department will study your case.