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Take advantage of sustainable mobility

Arena is a floor covering that generates solar energy with a similar efficiency to a solar module thanks to the high-performance photovoltaic cells integrated into its tiles. This floor has been designed to be used by pedestrians, it is slip-resistant and has regenerative properties against surface damage.


The floor assembly is modular (each module is composed of four tiles), so it fits easily in all types of spaces.



It is designed to be installed and removed quickly in one day. It is anchored on the urban land, with no civil constructions or foundations and preserving the original sidewalk.

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Toughness and durability

Our solar flooring is a lot more resistant than concrete. In addition, the surface coating is estimated to withstand loads, impacts and deterioration with a 20-year durability. If damaged, it can be repaired on site or replaced with a different tile.

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Easy to maintain

Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, this solar floor requires no special care. It only needs maintenance or cleaning of any other external pavement (like sweeping or with soap and water).